The Control Freaks Kick Off European Tour 

CHEF de STUDIO, Laurent | 30 janvier 2018 |

The Control Freaks are a new band from San Francisco, and are trying to put the P and the U back into Punk Rock. 

I know; what the hell does that mean? It means this band wants to put the swagger and fun back into music, which is sorely lacking today. 

1. So is it catchy? You definitely will catch something listening to this.
2. Is it raw? Like eating fresh roadkill.
3. Does it move you like a 7.0 shaker? Check, and mate.

So who the Hell are The Control Freaks?


First pounding the skins is a freak that goes by the moniker Tim E. Delicious. We don’t want to know how he got that name and neither do you… all the Freaks care about is how he pounds those skins, and pound them he does. With the ferocity of a drugged out Keith Moon, Tim E. barks out the next song to keep the band moving forward, and really to get the show over with so he can make friends with the bartender. Such a forward thinker Tim is, and for a drummer that’s a rarity! 

Next we got Conrad the Comrade., who just got broke out of a Gulag in Siberia. That’s why is guitar playing is considered Frosty! He keeps the Freaks sound whirring like a summer night in the Gulag.

Then we got the sexy and not so sweet, Natalie Sweet, (Yes that’s really her name) the girl next door on rhythm guitar, and lead singer for the Shanghais. Ok, you be the judge: is she really the sweet and innocent girl next door? Maybe if you neighbour is Charles Manson! She looks innocent and sweet but as we know in life looks are deceiving! Check out her belting out lead vocals, and her collection of tattoos she wears shamelessly, and you tell us how sweet Natalie Sweet really is! A perfect fit for the Control Freaks!

Lastly w

So remember: if you hate most of today's music you will love THE CONTROL FREAKS!


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